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CIP’s Corporate Strategic Initiatives and Transactions Practice

Maximizes the Value Creation Potential of Acquisition Candidates and a Company’s Total Strategic Plan

  • “Buyers and sellers can create a lot of value through mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Both can win from a transaction” (Evans & Bishop, Building Value in Private Companies).
  • “Up to 80% of M&A transactions destroy or fail to create value” (Philip Clements, Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP). Many transactions are unsuccessful because the acquirer cut corners on due diligence.
CIP’s Corporate Strategic Initiative and Transaction Practice:
  • Determines Value Potential of Targets – determines and defines a target company’s value creation potential and assesses of the risk of failure to achieve expected targets, utilizing probability-based pricing approaches
  • Assesses Operational Processes- performs unbiased assessments of a target company’s financial and operating processes, costing structures, and managerial metrics to identify strengths, weaknesses and synergies for total deal evaluation and informed negotiation positions
  • Performs Forensic Due Diligence - reviews and analyzes financial and management performance of target acquisition candidates
  • Designs Deal Structures-provides guidance from initial Intent stage through final Agreement drafting and closing, designing optimum deal structures considering tax, financing and deal risk aspects
  • Integrates Target into Strategic Plan – plans and executes rapid post-acquisition integration

CIP’s Corporate Strategic Initiatives Practice provides senior management and the Board with the foundation and framework to consummate acquisitions at value creating prices.

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